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Hello. In this article, I’ll be implementing encryption and decryption of application properties via Jasypt. It’s one of the simplest security practices that you can apply to a Spring Boot application. So let’s.

By Liam Tucker

Jasypt(Java Simplified Encryption) is a Java library that allows the developer to add basic encryption capabilities to projects with minimum effort, and without the need of having deep knowledge of how cryptography works.

0. Prerequisites

To encrypt a value via Jasypt, we’ll be using some CLI (Command Line Interface) tools that have been supplied by Jasypt. …

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Hello, in the previous article we’ve set up an Android application that can receive push notifications. However, at this point, the application is only able to log these remote messages. There are two ways of displaying these remote messages as notifications:

  • Notifications shown in the notification bar
  • Notifications shown in the application itself (in-app)

To display a notification in one of these ways, the application must keep track of whether it’s running in the foreground or the background.

So this article will focus on how to detect the application’s state.


Checking if the application is in the background

Androidx has lifecycle-aware…

Well, hello. I’ve decided to publish a mini-series about sending Firebase Push Notifications via a Spring Boot application therefore I’ll be setting a Firebase Project and an Android application.

If you’ve already set up yours simply skip this one and check out the next parts. Otherwise, you can follow up on this article or check out another article I published to build an Android application with Firebase integration and it requires no coding experience at all.

Let’s get started.


0. Creating the application

The main focus of the application is going to be displaying push notifications sent from the Spring Boot application that we’ll…

Hello, I’d like to introduce Firebase Quickstart for Android. It helps a lot to learn about Firebase and the implementation of its features. (Also you never know when you’ll need an Android app that you’d like to send push notifications to publish an article series on Medium. Yep, that’s the reason beneath.)


0. Prerequisites

At this point having access to a Google account and Android Studio is pretty much all you need. (And that’s what makes it quickstart, right?)

1. Importing the code sample

Just fire up(not so p-unny, huh?) the Android Studio and press this lovely button.

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Hello. I’ll be introducing a simple yet great documentation tool called Swagger. If you’ve come across this article you probably know what Swagger is and simply wondering how to implement it or what more you can do with it. Just hang on, this one gonna be quick. Well, at least for you.


0. About

The official website defines Swagger as a tool that allows you to describe the structure of your APIs so that machines can read them. The ability of APIs to describe their own structure is the root of all awesomeness in Swagger. Why…

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Hey. I’ll be looking into some features of Lombok (Project Lombok) library. It’s focused on “Model Classes” mostly so there’s not much to code, just some use-cases. Try to have fun.


Well, all you require is to have a model class but if you want to work on the same one that I work on ,you can simply get it by clicking here.



By definition Project Lombok is a java library that automatically plugs into your editor and build tools, spicing up your java.
Never write another getter or equals method…

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Well, hello again. In this article I’ll be introducing you to a library called Spring Boot Admin and walk you through its set up and integration. In order to use mail notifications of Spring Boot Admin I’ll be using a tool called GreenMail.

Spring Boot Admin’s logo

0. About

As mentioned in the library’s homepage Spring Boot Admin is a tool that provides an Admin UI for administration of spring boot applications. As far as I’ve seen, it’s the best monitoring library with really easy integration for Spring Boot applications. So let’s just start.

1. Set Up

Well, since…

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Hello. I’ve decided to continue the project from previous article by creating a data model and make use of a library called “Faker” with it. You can just clone it to your local device and follow up the rest.

1. Structure

So what are we actually going to build? Well, a model for sure. But in order to serve this model our project require couple of layers to keep its clean structure.

Hello. I’ve been planning to start an article series here on Medium for a while now and decided tonight is as good as any. Title says “001” but I can assure you I’m not planning to release hundreds of articles, it’s just a simple habit of mine.

I feel obligated to tell that I’m not a native speaker (and a bit rusty these days) therefore articles going to contain lots of typos and (worse) meaningless sentences. All I can hope is that project itself and its code makes it up.

At the moment all I know about this project that…


Merhaba, bu yazımda -bir öncekinin devamı olacak nitelikte- Java 10, 11, 12 ile hayatımıza giren birkaç yenilikten bahsedeceğim.

Bu yazıda birkaç Java versiyonunu birlikte almamın sebebi ise bu versiyonların (ve bundan sonra yayınlacak versiyonların) bir öncekiyle arasındaki yayınlanma sürenin çok daha kısalmış olması. Yazıdaki ilk maddede Java yayınlanma döngüsüne (Java Release Cycle) gelen bu değişiklikten bahsedeceğim.

Java 10


Java Yayınlanma Döngüsü’ne gelen yenilik

Bundan önce yapılacak büyük yeniliklere göre yayınlanan Java versiyonları Java 10 ile birlikte 6 aylık bir döngüyle sunulmaya başlandı.

Birkaç versiyonun yayınlanma tarihini listelemek gerekirse:

  • Java 7 : 28.07.2011
  • Java 8 : 18.04.2014
  • Java 9 : 21.09.2017
  • Java 10 : 20.03.2018
  • Java 11…

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